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Color Laser Printer Maintenance Procedures

Technical Support

Check your documentation. Your manufacturer may or may not recommended the following for labels:

Use the following procedure to clean the printer for every 250 sheets polyester labels and for every 200 sheets of paper labels:

  1. Turn the printer off.
  2. Clean the fuser roller and replace the fuser cleaner, if it is heavily contaminated, following the instructions in your printer user's guide.
  3. Remove all paper or forms from the paper tray and load the tray with plain bond paper.
  4. Feed five sheets of clean bond paper through the printer, then wait at least five seconds. Repeat this procedure three additional times using five sheets of clean bond paper each time.
  5. Remove the bond paper from the paper tray and reload the original paper or forms.

Failure to follow maintenance procedures could cause jamming, poor print quality, feeding problems, and fuser problems.

If your laser printer has a fuser cleaner, it is normally changed when the print cartridge is replaced. When using labels, the fuser cleaner may need to be changed more frequently. Check the fuser cleaner every 2,000 pages and replace it if it is crusty or stiff. To order additional cleaners refer to your printer documentation for the recommended part number. Fuser cleaners also may lessen toner buildup on some labels producing good print quality.

Clean the inside of the printer frequently, possibly daily. Consult your printer documentation for specific instructions on how to properly clean your printer. Removal of the debris will help prevent feeding, fusing, and other types of problems associated with debris.

Refer to your printer documentation for other maintenance procedures to maintain the print quality and reliability of your printer.

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