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General Guidelines for Trouble-free Dome Label Printing

Technical Support

  • It usually takes a few tries before achieving desired results, so be sure to order extra sheets for your set-up process.
  • The maximum sheet size is 8.5″ × 11″
  • Leave a minimum of 0.25″ between labels.
  • Keep a minimum 1/32″ corner radius
  • Plan to have 1″ liner on at least 2 opposing edges of the sheet.
  • Print labels and strip away the waste. Put a weight on the sheets to keep them flat.
  • Do not use over-laminates or varnishes since they may compromise the adhesion and appearance of the domes.
  • Special shapes may pose special problems. Please fax an outline of any special shapes with your quote request.
  • Due to refraction, domes my affect colors slightly. If the color match is critical, test runs should be done.
  • Tape sheets down on bubble leveled table. Use the two-cup mixing technique: mix both ingredients in one cup then pour to the second cup. This ensures that the final doming mixture is properly mixed.
  • Pour on the label from the second cup until the mixture domes. As the dome cures the bubbles will rise out and dissipate. If bubbles persist, use a Scripto® BBQ lighter or equivalent and pass flame above domes.
  • If there is a lot of dust in the air, you might want to fabricate a tent to put over the labels during the curing process.

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