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HP 4500/4550 Jamming of 102100 White Polyester Permanent Adhesive Material

Technical Support

Hewlett Packard 4500/4550 fusers are now hotter causing 102100 material to accordian after the fuser and before the output bypass tray door on the back side of the printer on the label setting. Correction is possible by assuring 102100 material is flat, then curl feed side edge up about 1/4" - 3/8" off the table (toward the print side of the sheet), then inserting sheet into input multi-purpose tray. Assure that sheet is in multi-purpose tray squarely, by looking down into the slot to see that the material is under the rollers evenly. See 15 sec video in MPEG1 format.

If material still accordians, then restart computer to reset the HP print driver by restarting the printer and set print driver to plain paper setting instead of label, curl up forward edge as before and run. This makes the material move faster through the fuser and stays cooler. Users have reported this fix working.

We have developed and recommend the material 102110 Satin Gloss White Polyester Permanent Adhesive Labels for this line of color printers.

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