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Labels Not Sticking Now, But Did Before

Technical Support

We have a QC system that assures we manufacture the same materials to the correct specifications over and over again. Sometimes, we will see differences in materials within the margin of variation allowed. For example, while the face stocks may appear slightly different in one batch, they are the same base material, but the laser or inkjet printer receptive top-coat might have a slightly different look. This does not affect laser or inkjet printing. The self adhesives are always the same, but the "coat weight" always varies slightly within the mill coating machine tolerances. A label that was sticking before does not stick as well now, please do some checking at your end first.

While your application may be different, let's use an example of a label used to stick to a carton in a cold fish packing facility, but does not stick as well now for illustration purposes of how to do internal checking:

  1. Have you checked your box suppliers for changes in materials or coatings? Did you change box suppliers? Have you compared the boxes you were using when the labels were sticking well to the boxes on which the labels did not stick so well?
  2. Label application temperature of labels to the boxes is critical. Are you now applying the labels at a different temperature? For example if you changed the temperature of the labeling area to a lower temperature, or changed where they are labeling in the same area or to a different area, this could effect how well labels are sticking.
  3. Also, check humidity. If you are labeling in a non-humidity controlled area, that could affect the labeling. Check to see if humidity records are kept. Look for changes in humidity.
  4. Check to see where labels and boxes are stored. They should be stored in a dry place at room temperature (not in a freezer or humid place).

If you hare having a problem, with your labels, please do some sleuthing first, and then call us.

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