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Minolta-QMS 2200 Magicolor Printing Problems

Technical Support

Minolta-QMS 2200 Magicolor FadingMinolta-QMS low end color printers may not print glossy label materials that are scratch proof, but still may be water-resistant. One user reported that they “manually” printed on the “label” setting the 102110 Satin Gloss White Polyester Permanent Adhesive Labels with no problems, put it into one dishwasher cycle with no toner degradation but found that the toner scrapped off easily.

No amount of toner density reduction gave the #102110 material Scratch-Resistance. Matte materials, such as 102250 Outdoor/Indoor Matte White Polyester Permanent Adhesive Labels did have Scratch-Resistance and Water-Resistance but we recommend that you always test your material before you order to assure your labels will be of the highest quality. We are able to print as well.

Users should consider alternatives to gloss papers like 101200 High Gloss Paper Permanent Adhesive Label and 101800 Glossy Paper Apply-Reapply Adhesive Label as well, unless tested first.

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