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Troubleshooting Problems with Printing on Labels

Technical Support

Correcting Problems with Printing on Labels. Some printers have a Paper Type setting. The following table provides solutions for some common label problems if your printer has this setting. Refer to your printer documentation for more troubleshooting information.

Printing of paper labels is blurred or out of focus. Ensure the Paper Type is set to your material type for printing on heavier stock.

Toner is easily removed. Ensure the Media Type is set to your material type. Toners should not smear if they are fused properly. Experiment with different settings that your documentation recommends. Check manual to assure certain setting will not lead to melting polyester label material in the fuser.

Print has white spots. Toner is getting too hot. Ensure the Media Type is set to your material type. You may want to run regular 20# paper through to clean out machine first before running more labels.

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