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Which Color Printers Run Which Materials and Which Color Printers Won't?

Technical Support

We find that the Desktop Color Laser Printers with label, tag settings in the print drivers and a multi-purpose (bypass) tray/slot run most label, tag and paper materials. Large Color Copier Floor Models have some limitations.

There are two types of desktop color printers: hot and cold. Hot printers like the HP 4500/4550s and Minolta QMS run all paper materials well but like thicker film materials such as

Colder Color Printers like the Xerox 1235, Panasonic KX PS 8000, Lexmark's, older Tektronic's (except solid ink) run all paper materials and thinner film materials like the 102100 Matte White Poly with Permanent Self Adhesive as well as some of the hardier films like 102110 and 102500. Colder machines will not run the 100704 7.5 pt Credit/Member Card while some of the hotter machines will, e.g. HP 4500/4550.

Machines that have the most problems are large floor model color copiers. While they run paper materials fine, they have trouble with films. 102110 and 102500 will work.

The below types of materials work fine in most Desktop Black & White Laser Printers which is spelled out in the product pages. We do not recommend the following materials for Color Printers and Color Copiers:

  • Metallic
  • Soft films like Vinyl
  • Magnetic
  • Most Non-Woven Fabric
  • Most Cling
  • Teslin
  • Most Synthetic Paper

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