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Matte Polyester Instant Redeemable Coupon Style Breakaway Adhesive Labels

#102130 - Matte Breakaway Adhesive Labels

No Residue Label
Rubber Breakaway
Breakaway Adhesive
instant coupon

This 2 mil poly material prints well in desktop black and white laser printers, and was originally designed for country-of-origin labels for fresh and frozen food products.  It is also designed for use as on-pack coupons (instant redeemable coupons) on any product or direct mailer.

The label can be removed without leaving sticky adhesive on the package OR the label (also called a breakaway adhesive.) The label is then non-adhesive and can be handled or filed like paper without stickyness.

This laser printable matte white poly label with a rubber based adhesive can be applied to many types of surfaces with excellent results. It features a minimum application temperature of -15°F and a service range -50°F to 150°F. This 102130 is designed for use in humid environments; however, the breakaway adhesive was not designed to be submerged in water.


This product is currently available by special order. Pricing and shipping quotes available on request. Alternative materials may be available in stock. Please Contact Us for more information.

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