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Self-Laminating Gloss Polyester Super Permanent Adhesive Labels

#125121-1 - A Printable Self-Laminating Label!

Self Laminating Label
Super Permanent Acrylic
Waterproof, Self-Laminating

How about a self laminating label you can print on your own laser printer and in the size you want? That is what the this material is all about!

Printable two-sides including the clear over lamination (normally not printed). This is a bright white waterproof polyester label that has the self laminating feature built into the sheet. Print the sheet with your design, pop the label out of the sheet, peel off the over lamination and apply. Finally, peel off the liner from the bottom of the label to expose the super-permanent adhesive and stick. This unique design is copyrighted by Rippedsheets.com

Prints in a color laser printer. We can die cut custom shapes in any size, up to 250 sheets in just 24 hours. The labels are perforated into sheets, ready for you to print on your laser printer. Print quality is excellent.

The adhesive is a clear super-permanent acrylic, adaptable to many surfaces with a minimum application temperature of 32°F and a service range -4°F to 158°F. The self adhesive was designed to strongly adhere to metal, paint, HDPE plastics and rough surfaces and is FDA approved for indirect food contact under FDA 175.105. This material is RoHS compliant and does not contain DEHP.


This product is currently available by special order. Pricing and shipping quotes available on request. Alternative materials may be available in stock. Please Contact Us for more information.

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