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Matte Black Aluminum Permanent Adhesive CO2 Labels

#102300-3 - Matte Aluminum Permanent Labels

CO2 Laser
3M 350 Super-permanent Acrylic
Thermal Reactive, Tear-Resistant, Mil Std 130,

For laser printable polypropylene, Click here for Laser Printable Matte White Polypropylene Super Permanent Adhesive Labels

This CO2 and Nd-Yag 2D UID laser marking material is designed to withstand vigorous post-mark processing as well as excellent dimensional stability, solvent, abrasion, and UV resistance. The 102300-3 provides excellent printability for barcode readability for 2D UID Mil Std 130, as well as US Coast guard and Navy application opportunities. This material is UL Listed for outdoor use. The 102300-3 is a 2.4 mil matte black acrylate Permanent Self Adhesive Label which ablates to a permanent white color with CO2 or and Nd-Yag 2D laser marking. The self adhesive is a 1.2 mil high temperature 3M 350 adhesive with a minimum application temperature of 39°F. High temperature resistance long term of 392F (530 for 1 min., 482°F for 5 min., 440°F for 60 min.). Low temperature resistance is -76°F without stress and -22°F with stress.

102300-3 is excellent for applying to areas that may be subject to impact and does not crack.

102300-3 Matte Black Label requires relatively low focal power to mark and can be marked at up to 40″ per second. The 102300-3 comes with a 1.5 mil clear PET liner than can be cut through, or ask about the kraft paper liner alternative for just kiss cutting.

A Note to Distributors: This material prices out better than many other competitors. At retail pricing below, with 50% more material on a roll, this is priced lower than other laser marking materials.

Some laser marking tapes crumbles like license plate tags if you try to remove them. This does not crumble and is tear resistant. Rippedsheets.com sees many applications for this material where this cumble feature is not necessary including DoD 2D UID because the labels are easier to handle before and during laser marking and application.

Long Run

Pricing is for rolls only. Roll size is 4.75″ × 984' (This is 50% more material than many other suppliers)

Roll Ct.Price Per Roll
4.75″ × 984′ 4.75″ × 98′
1-10 rolls$4590.21$459.02
10-24 rolls$4459.07$445.92
25 rolls$4360.69$436.07

Pricing below is for blank sheets only.

Sheet Ct.Price Per Sheet
8″ × 11″
6000 min$8.65

Let us print for you! Full Color Printing available.


  • Caliper: 6.8 mils including facestock, adhesive and liner


This material is UL Listed for outdoor use. This matte black UL-recognized material is designed for hand-applied and robotically applied high-end serialized, reverse bar coded and variable information labels for applications such as cellular phones, circuit breakers, beepers, power sources, automotive components, etc. Laser etching technology allows labels to be etched off-line, or pre-applied to be etched in-line in high-speed manufacturing processes. This durable material assures excellent dimensional stability and solvent, abrasion and UV resistance.
It provides excellent image quality at etching speeds up to 1000mm/second (40"/second.)This product is recognized by UL Laboratories under 969 Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems.


Durable white polyester film with an automotive-grade matte black laser etchable surface coating:

  • Top Layer: 0.4 mil (10 microns) Matte black acrylate
  • Base Layer: 2.0 mil (50 microns) Matte white acrylate


Excellent high-temperature pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive which prevents ooze that may result from heat generated by the laser

  • Caliper: 1.2 mil (30 microns)
  • Min. application temp: +39°F (4°C)
  • Min. service temp: -40°F (-40°C)
  • Max. service temp: +302°F (+150°C)

Note: For best bonding conditions, application surface should be at room temper-ature or higher. Low temperature surfaces, below +50F can cause the adhesive to become so firm that it will not develop maximum contact with the substrate. Higher initial bonds can be achieved through increased rubdown pressure. In order to get a true measure of the adhesive's effectiveness, the label should be applied and allowed to bond a minimum of 24 hours prior to evaluation.


78# Semi-bleached clay coated kraft paper

  • Caliper: 3.2 mil (80 microns) - Densified kraft

The above are typical technical values and are given in good faith based upon our most up to date knowledge and experience. As the products are used outside our control we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may be caused using the product. In every case, user shall determine before using any product in full-scale production, or in any way, whether such product is suitable for user's intended use for their particular purpose under their own operating conditions.

102300-3 Matte Black Label will stick to a variety of surfaces but is UL approved for the following surfaces: stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, acrylic paint, polyester paint, epoxy paint and porcelain, maximum temperature 175°C (347°F); phenolic, polycarbonate and nylon, maximum temperature 100 C (212°F); polystyrene, polyphenylene oxide, (ABS) plastic and polypropylene, maximum temperature 80°C (176°F). Suitable where exposed indoors to high humidity or occasional exposure to water. Also suitable where exposed outdoors with a minimum temperature of -40°C (-40°F) for the above surfaces except nylon and polypropylene. The label stock is suitable for laser engraving to produce finished labels.


This product is currently available by special order. Pricing and shipping quotes available on request. Alternative materials may be available in stock. Please contact us for more information.

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